Sony Demos HVR-V1U HDV 24p Camcorder in NY Event

DMN By Charlie White HVR-V1UAlso shows 60GB hard disk recorder, HDV tape deck Sony rolled out its HVR-V1U HDV camcorder ($4800, shipping in December), along with an accompanying HVR-DR60 hard disk recorder ($1800, also shipping in December) that can record 4.5 hours of HDV footage on its 60GB hard disk. The camcorder uses three quarter-inch “ClearVid† CMOS sensors instead of CCDs, and adds 24p recording to adds 24p recording to its feature list. Digital Media Net was at the event at Sony’s US headquarters in New York, and we were quite impressed with all the new products introduced. read more... DMN Product Profile: The New Sony HVR-V1U By Douglas Spotted Eagle So, it's a new time for camcorders; the Sony HVR-V1U is truly revolutionary, being the first full 1080 24p camcorder on the market, using progressive sensors, and offering a full 1920 x 1080 resolution at the imager. The imager is a bit unique; it follows the Fuji diagonal pixel placement, but offers much more to the technology than merely putting pixels in a diagonal placement. Read More

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