Sony FS5 4K RAW vs Internal Recording Comparison | 4K Shooters

Get some insider tips on FS5 Raw footage versus Internal from this article, which includes information put together by Sony camera expert, educator, trainer, and DP, Doug Jensen:

...I am quite a big fan of the compact 4K beast that Sony unveiled last year at IBC in Amsterdam, not just for the super compact form-factor (it being a proper camcorder that is) or the fact that you can remove the LCD monitor, top handle and side grip without any tools, but also for the fact that you can use it a stealthy run n’ gun docu camera, or rig it up with an Odyssey7Q+ or the new Atomos Shogun Inferno for example and get some stunning 4K Raw out of the back end 3G-SDI output. Sure, while I do agree that not everyone needs 4K or 2K Raw, and most people would happily get away with internal Full HD recording...

... I noticed some awesome FS5 Raw footage comparison vs Internal that was posted by Sony camera Expert, educator, trainer and Director of Photography Doug Jensen from Vortex Media. I am sharing them below, as I am sure that a lot of folk thinking about buying a Sony FS5, or those who already own one but are contemplating whether they should bite the bullet and buy an Odyssey7Q+ (plus its own Raw Bundle) + the FS5 4K Raw license for $499 in order to get the best possible quality from their camera. Whether that’s the case or not, I suggest watching the comparisons below and seeing for yourself....[continue reading]

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