Sony HC1E First Look

DMN Product Review: by Douglas Spotted Eagle hdr-hc1e The Sony HDR-HC1E is the first small-bodied camera in the HDV world, but it’s size belies it’s quality and capability. Aimed directly at the consumer market, this camera has a price of around $1700.00. Smaller than most DV cameras, the native 1440 x 1080 camera uses CMOS technology to provide impressive imagery from a 5.9mm (1/3) chip. While this isn't aimed at the professional market, I have to say that I was substantially more impressed with this camcorder than I expected to be. Sony has created a very nice niche in the 1080i market. This camera , coupled with software like the DVRack with HDV Plugin Pak, makes for an amazingly inexpensive HDV production kit for even the most budget-conscious or HD-curious video geek. read more...

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