Sony HDR-HC1 HDV Camcorder Review by Robin Liss (David Kender, Matthew Culler, and Kerr Cook contributed to this article.) HDR-HC1CAMCORDERINFO.COM EXCLUSIVE Although the camcorder won't ship for another two weeks, we have an exclusive first hands on review of Sony's new, under $2,000 High Definition (HDV) camcorder, the HDR-HC1. If you were waiting for quality consumer affordable HD in a well-built camcorder, the time has come. At a price of under two grand, the HDR-HC1 is poised to be a big seller, and not only because it is the most affordable HDV personal video device yet to hit the market. Behind its HDV logo is a camcorder with an amazingly crisp image and performance in many conditions that lives up to this new technology's name. Video Performance (8.75) The HDR-HC1 features a single 4:3 aspect ratio CMOS chip. This is a CMOS chip, different in aspect and type from the one featured on the HDR-FX1, Sony’s second most expensive HDV camcorder. The HDR-FX1 features three, native 16:9 CCDs each 1/3-inch in diagonal and including 1.12 megapixels gross. The CMOS chip on the HDR-HC1 measures 1/3 inch and features 1.49 effective megapixels in legacy 4:3 MiniDV video mode and 1.98 effective megapixels in 16:9 HDV video mode. CMOS sensors have only been used once on Sony camcorders—the DCR-PC1000--(read our article here), and while we were initially skeptical as to how these chips would perform, we were pleasantly surprised with the DCR-PC1000's performance and now with the HDR-HC1. read more...

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