DV by John Jackman hvr-m10uA great deck for an HDV edit suite. The Sony HVR-M10U is a compact standalone VTR for the HDV format that's compatible with the company's HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U camcorders. The unit is a small package (8 12 x 7 x 2 34 inches high), slightly less than half-rack width, that can be used horizontally or vertically. Although vertical use might be a great space-saver, it would eliminate the advantage of the nifty 3.5-inch 16:9 LCD screen on the front. This screen displays the playback video and acts as a menu screen. The recorder can be powered from an inline-adapter power supply or from an L-series Lithium battery. The HVR-M10U comes in a small package, and can record and play back HDV 1080i on miniDV cassettes. read more...

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