Sony Media Software Releases New PSP™ (Playstation® Portable) Media Manager Application, Further Expanding the Multimedia Capabilities Of The PSP System

PSPAnnouncement Further Validates the Growing Trend of Consumers Using the PSP System as a Portable Media Device MADISON, WI — Sony Media Software, a leading provider of award-winning professional video and audio editing applications, announced today the availability of software for the PC that lets users easily move content from their personal computer to their PSPâ„ ¢ (PlayStation ® Portable) system. Titled PSP Media Manager, the product allows users to take full advantage of the PSP system's ability to display various types of multimedia content by leveraging its capabilities as a portable music device, digital photo album, and movie viewer. With PSP Media Manager software, users can transfer videos, music, and still images, all via a USB-cable connecting their PSP system to a personal computer. A download-only version is immediately available for US $19.95 at The boxed version, which will include a 6-foot USB 2.0 cable, sample media, and 5 free song downloads from the CONNECT music store (, will be available online at or on December 1st with an MSRP of US $29.95. read more...

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