Sony new G Series Professional SSDs

Jose Antunes reports on the new G Series Professional SSD's that are now available on ssds Content creators looking for more efficient stable and flexible hi-bitrate recording in any situation should take a look at the Sony’s G Series SSDs. Sony’s professional media lineup is expanding with the introduction of the two new G Series Professional Solid State Drives. Building on the reliability synonymous with Sony’s Professional Media products, the new SSDs are a solid option for respective video recorders, offering videographers stable high-speed capabilities, a sense of security and lower cost of ownership due to their longer life. Using Sony’s Error Correction Code technology, the 960GB G Series SSD achieves up to 2400 TBW (terabytes written), while the 460GB drive can reach 1200 TBW, resulting in less frequent replacement and increased ROI. 2400 TBW translates to about 10 years of use for the SV-GS96, if data is fully written to the drive an average of five times per week. Click here to read the article on ProVideoCoalition

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