Sony Releases Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit Updates

Sony Catalyst updates 2016.1Press Release Middleton, WIS — Sony Creative Software, a leading global provider of professional editing and authoring solutions, has announced the availability of the latest version of the Catalyst Production Suite which includes Catalyst Prepare 2016.1 and Catalyst Edit 2016.1. Since their initial launch last year, Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit have become valuable tools for Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs) and editors in the field. Catalyst Prepare paves your path from camera to post with robust organizational tools, precise first-pass color correction and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and more. Catalyst Edit delivers focused, fast editing for 4K, RAW, and HD video. "The industry has seen growing interest in the Catalyst family workflow," states John Freeborg, VP of Sony Creative Software. "Ever-increasing file sizes and a seemingly endless array of processes and formats have complicated media production. Catalyst Prepare and Edit help simplify and accelerate post production. The more complex the project, the more valuable the Catalyst tools become." The latest updates to Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit increase their utility and reach, making them more powerful and better able to assist in rapid post-production processing and cataloging.

New in Catalyst Prepare 2016.1:

  • Support for Rec.2020 color space
  • Full screen secondary preview window for multiple monitor setups
  • Burn-in timecode and clip name
  • Additional transcode options (including settings for crop, flip and mirror, anamorphic stretch, clip padding, encoding mode, ignore mark points)
  • Relink offline or missing files in library
  • Consolidate library into a single folder for easy sharing and collaboration
  • Export bins as folders to bring your library organization into other post-production tools
  • Quickly save snapshots of frames in JPG, BMP and PNG formats
  • FTP support
  • Improved proxy workflow allows viewing of proxy clips and copying proxy clips only
  • Improved performance for Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) and XDCAM Discs

New in Catalyst Edit 2016.1:

  • Full screen secondary preview window for multiple monitor setups
  • Dozens of editing and workflow improvements (including additional keyboard support, copy/cut/paste enhancements, snapping improvements, recent projects list, and saved window configurations)
  • Preview window now has zoom support, safe area overlays, and before, after, side by side and split modes
  • New vectorscope window
  • New Vignette effect Improved cropping and picture in picture tools allow more precise adjustments
  • Preview Media Browser clips in the main Video Preview window
  • Improved integration with Catalyst Prepare
  • Automatically save project backup files
Catalyst Prepare 2016.1 is available by itself for focused DIT needs, yet also included with Catalyst Edit 2016.1 as part of the Catalyst Production Suite. Fully functional 15-day trials of Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit are available at Price and Availability Both products are available exclusively under a subscription licensing model, bringing users significant new features at a rapid pace and with a lower cost than the standard 12-18 month major perpetual license upgrade cycle previously common in the industry. Catalyst Prepare and the Catalyst Production Suite are available via monthly and annual subscription licenses. Catalyst Prepare is $14.95 per month or annually at $149.95. Catalyst Production Suite is $21.95 per month or annually at $199.95. More information is available at

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