Sony Reveals Home Movie Mistakes

SmarthouseSMARTHOUSE by Caroline Warnes Boring shots, shaky filming and overuse of the zoom: these are the top three mistakes that Australians make when filming home movies, according to research conducted by Sony. Not varying the angle when shooting, using one hand to control the camera and zooming too much to try and achieve the best picture can all contribute to lacklustre home movies, Sony found when compiling its Handycam user guide, which has just been released via the Sony Web site. Based on these findings, Sony is offering advice for shooting better movies in the Handycam user guide, with hints and tips on varying angles, using the different features of your camera to make your footage more interesting and the best ways to shoot for steady shots. "Shooting videos that impress your audience can be simple to make by keeping a few essentials in mind," according to the product manager for Handycam, Di Shepherd. "Locating the record, stop, zoom and power buttons do not equate to a home movie masterpiece." More information on the Handycame user guide can be found at

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