Sony Shoot-Out - VX2100E vs HDR FX1E High Definition by Tony Koorlander HDV shootout VX2100E on Left vs HDR FX1E High Definition on right HEAD TO HEAD Shoot-Out. Aloha chucky.... our new FX1E arrived all nicely wrapped and bursting with pride ready to impress and ease my nostalgic feelings about selling my trusty VX2100E. Unpacking it, my first impressions were of how light for its size, and how bristling with easily accessible buttons and knobs it was. As always, plugging on a battery, inserting tape etc BEFORE reading the instruction manual .. so much excitement †¦. Then, finally, - read the manual when the number of features exceeds comprehension. FIRST of all, I desperately wanted to prove to myself, that this really WAS the quantum leap that Sony had promised over my Standard Definition VX2100E. Now the obvious way to do this, would be to put both camcorders side by side on the same tripod, and shoot the same subjects†¦. Preferably on ‘Full Auto’ in order to let the cameras do their own opinionated color balance, focus and exposure adjustments without human intervention. Hoping that the same Sony ethic of ‘what makes a good picture’ would be applied to both, was mandatory. Here we are then †¦ the two beasties ready to shoot†¦.. read more...

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