Sony Sound Forge 9 for Professional Audio Production

Manifest Technology By Douglas Dixon Soundforge 9While video editing tools like Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite and Adobe Premiere Pro have strong support for audio, dedicated audio editing tools like Sony Sound Forge 9 and Adobe Audition can do much more for cleaning and enhancing existing tracks, and creating, recording, and mixing new material. Sony Sound Forge goes much farther as a professional digital audio production suite. It is designed for the entire audio workflow: record, analyze, and edit Sony Sound Forge 9, released in April 2007, features end-to-end multichannel support, to record, edit, process, and export to multichannel Windows Media and Dolby Digital AC-3. It also includes workflow enhancements such as drag-and-drop editing between channels and new wet/dry mix and crossfade options for effects; plus audio analysis tools including phase scopes, mono compatibility meters, and multichannel spectrum analysis. read more...

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