Sony SSD G Series Drives Optimized for External Recorders
We're really excited about the new Sony G Series professional solid state drives! Sony's reputation for quality is one reason, plus they were designed specifically to handle the heavy lifting of data writing and rewriting that happens with recording video footage. While other SSDs have a tendency for data write speeds to suddenly drop after repeated re-write cycles, Sony G Series SSDs feature built-in technology preventing sudden speed decreases, while ensuring stable recording of high bitrate 4K video without frame dropping!

...Perhaps the most attractive of these features is their longevity. As per the video above, Sony estimates the average SSD offers around 300 TBW (or Terabytes Written throughout their life cycle). In contrast, the smaller of the two new Sony SSD G Series Drives will offer 1200 TBW, with the larger version claiming twice as much at 2400 TBW. With an average usage of fully writing and formatting the drive 5 times per week, this adds up to about ten years of usable lifetime for this drive. Nice!..[continue reading]

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