Sony Vegas 6 Pays Off

DMN Product Review By Charlie White Vegas6 Sony Vegas 6 Pays Off - New version of already-excellent nonlinear editing software further refined, faster Sony Media Software has released a new version of its video editing software, adding new features that make it easier and faster to use. Vegas 6 ($600, upgrade from Vegas 5, $200) is a refined editing software package, building on its powerful feature set with new ways to group, search, and find your video clips. It also adds new compatibility with additional audio plug-ins, and much more. We tested Vegas 6 and found that this already-excellent editing software product has been improved even more with this new release. Here’s our review. To start, I have to tell you that Vegas is one of my favorite editing software packages, so this is going to be a positive review, but I’ll also point out what I don’t like about Vegas 6, too. I’ve always liked its freeform timeline, powerful audio features, unique workflow and speedy and clean rendering. The most important attribute of this new Vegas 6 product is that it builds upon all those core strengths. Heading the long list of improvements for me is its increased rendering speed. Even when editing DV footage, it’s often necessary to render video before it can be printed to tape. In this new release, the wizards of Vegas have somehow managed to speed up its rendering performance by what the company says is 40% faster, and for me, it feels even faster than that. read more...

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