Sony Vegas: Is it time to go Vista-64?

by Craig Anderton
Figure 1 If you use Sony Vegas Pro software, the answer is, "Yes."

Not convinced? I loaded the same complex Vegas Pro 8 project into Windows Vistaâ„¢ 64-bit and XP, and rendered to the same format. It took just under nine minutes in Windows Vista 64-bit, but over seventeen with XP. Even if faster rendering was the only attraction, I'd go for it. But Windows Vista 64-bit allows for many other performance enhancements as well.

What about Vista's bad reputation? The main complaints: Much hardware remains unsupported, the system seems sluggish, and there are no significant advantages over XP. But since Windows Vista appeared, all my essential audio interfaces now have 64-bit drivers, and they work fine-as do the few native 64-bit applications I run. The latest service pack improved performance, and while 64 bits is probably meaningless to those running spreadsheets, it means a lot if you use Vegas Pro software. Read more...

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