Sony Vegas Pro 11 Advanced Editing Software Review

Videomaker by Douglas Dixon

Vegas Pro 11 is a welcome upgrade to this classic professional editing tool.

Some software upgrades are about flashy new interfaces and sexy new features, and others have more to do with supercharging the engine under the hood in order to boost the overall performance. This past year, video editing tools have been working on the flashy side with support for working with 3D video, but the real focus has continued to be on the machinery - taking advantage of today's 64-bit architectures to work efficiently with large clips in memory, combined with GPU (graphics processing unit) hardware to significantly speed up video processing.

We've seen this trend in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, with the GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine introduced last year, and with the application available only for 64-bit systems. Similarly, Vegas Pro 10 from Sony Creative Software was released last year with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and with GPU acceleration for rendering to AVC format.

Now Sony has released Vegas Pro 11, with full-up GPU acceleration for video processing, effects, and rendering, for speed ups across editing, playback, and output. Besides the under-the-hood improvements, the new Vegas also enhances editing with features including sync link, adds new technology including advanced video stabilization, and provides deeper support for editing 3D material including 3D Titler Pro.

GPU Acceleration

Integrating GPU acceleration into video editing software involves several trade-offs, balancing the number of video processing operations that are accelerated, the level of optimization for each effect, and the range of GPU processors and board hardware versions supported - all across different manufacturers, widely varying numbers of processors and associated on-board memory, and different functions available for acceleration. read more...

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