Sony Vegas Pro 12

by Eugenia Loli

Sony’s Vegas Pro 12 was released a few weeks ago, and in my opinion, this is the most substantial update the application has seen between major releases in the last few years.

I’ve been using the application for a few weeks now, and aside from a few bumps that I expect to be ironed out in free updates, it delivered the goods as expected.

Here is a sum of the new features:

  • The explorer view now supports back and froward and smart tags. Very handy for those who like to be tidy.
  • Now you can change the properties of multiple files at once! That’s one of the things that was very painful for me back when I used to use Cineform AVIs, and Vegas used to get wrong their field order.
  • Smart proxies. If you don’t own a fast CPU or an OpenCL graphics card, you can still edit fast using proxies. Vegas can automatically create them, you edit with them, and then it exports using the original, high quality version.
  • Layer Dimensionality is a new plugin, similar to Photoshop’s Layer styles.
  • There’s an A-B roll style editing now for those who need more precision over their frames, overlaps etc.
  • New shortcuts to trim the beginning or the end of a clip in a single stroke (before, you had to press “S”, and then manually delete the event).
  • A new plugin for color matching two different events/shots.
  • LAB Adjust and L*a*b* Color Space Histogram, which works in conjunction to the Color matching plugin.
  • Most of the audio plugins have now being ported to 64bit.
  • You can send/receive project files from Avid, FCP7/X, DaVinci, Premiere and After Effects CS6. I tried this with Premiere, it worked wonderfully for simple projects.
  • You can change the shape of a mask.


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