Sony Vegas Pro 12 Review: Overall Score 9.5/ 10

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Sony Vegas has gained a steady following over the years with the PC video editing crowd, and after spending some quality time with the latest iteration, I can see why. As someone who only does video editing as a hobby, I was happy to discover that Sony Vegas Pro 12 is relatively simple to learn and intuitive, while sporting a wide range of features and great performance. If you’re an aspiring YouTube content creator or filmmaker in the market for a professional video editing software that doesn’t take years to learn, this software is easy to recommend.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 is a PC-exclusive program that only works with 64-bit operating systems. While some might be disappointed by this, the fact of the matter is that 64-bit processing greatly increases the speed and performance of this software, similarly to my experience with Avid’s Pro Tools 11 recording software. Installing the program is pretty much painless, and the same goes for importing video footage, audio, and other media. You can drag just about anything into your project from Windows Explorer, and the program supports just about every file type and extension which avoids the hassle of file conversion. A great new feature has been added to Sony Vegas Pro 12 which automatically matches the project to whatever media you’re importing. Also new to this version is 64-bit audio plugin support, the ability to import files from Pro Tools, shape masking tools, FX masking, and much more. Color match is a new addition that is great for matching colors between multiple cameras, or adding a color effect to multiple clips at once.

The layout and design of Sony Vegas Pro 12 is very similar to previous versions of the software. The interface is simple and easy to comprehend, and hovering the cursor over just about any part of the software will display helpful text to better understand its functionality. read more...

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Combining a familiar track-based timeline with hundreds of thoughtful workflow innovations, Vegas Pro 12 simplifes the editing process while offering the high-end performance and features you’ve come to expect in an award-winning NLE. Supporting more formats, more workflows, and more creative control than ever before, Vegas Pro 12 makes it easy to deliver your message and express your artistic vision.

The Sony Vegas Pro 12 Collection includes three great programs in an integrated production environment designed for a new generation of creative professionals.:

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This is the perfect suite for advanced filmmakers and industry professionals who want to add very sophisticated visual effects and true 3D compositing to their projects as well as allowing them to burn finished projects to a DVD or Blu-ray Discs™ or render them to a variety of professional formats.

The Vegas Pro 12 Suite is a full-featured production software suite that combines:

  • Sony Vegas Pro 12 non-linear editing software
  • Sony DVD Architect™ Pro 6
  • Dolby® Digital Professional Encoder
  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 audio production software
  • Hitfilm 2 Ultimate power visual effects and compositing software
  • Sony Vegas Production Assistant
  • 100 Sony Sound Series Production Music soundtracks

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