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Sony Vegas Pro 13 just came out a couple days ago.

Sony Creative has a reputation of releasing new versions of their popular video editing suite Sony Vegas Pro without making many significant changes. For the a while, Sony Vegas 9 or 10 was the preferred version of YouTubers, as it was more stable and just as updated as later versions. Personally I switched to 12 for the better rendering options and GPU leveraging support. However, I’ve had the worst luck with mid-render crashes with 12, so maybe that wasn’t the best of ideas.

What’s New?

I’d technically be lying if I said nothing was new in Sony Vegas Pro 13, but there isn’t much for those who make YouTube videos.

Vegas Pro Connect

One of the new features is a collaborative and review workflow that they’re calling Vegas Pro Connect. From the product page:

To meet the collaboration challenge on video productions, Vegas Pro Connect replaces tedious written spreadsheets and notes with efficient online and offline review workflows. The app provides a comprehensive review system within a gesture-driven control surface and represents a genuine breakthrough in project collaboration and control.

Basically this is a project collaboration and review tool that works on iPad and offline. For professionals using Sony Vegas, this would be a convenient feature for big, collaborative projects, but for individuals – or anyone without an iPad (Android for life) – it will never be used.

Project Archiving

Sony Vegas Pro 13 has an updated Export menu (located under File -> Export) with new capabilities such as exporting to Premiere/After Effects *.prproj files (that actually work) with all of the used media copied to the save location, and exporting as a Vegas Project Archive (*.veg) for archiving or nesting projects in other projects. read more...

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