Sony Vegas Pro 8

Digital Arts by James Morris Vegas Pro 8 Although it hasn’t managed to topple video-editing incumbents such as Adobe Premiere Pro just yet, Sony’s Vegas is developing nicely. Vegas 8 doesn’t look that different to the previous iteration when first loaded, now officially compatible with Windows Vista, but Sony has been doing some major renovation under the hood. One of the most significant enhancements is the new processing engine. Now you can choose between the original 8-bit and a new 32-bit floating point precision processing mode. Turn the latter on, and the dynamic range of your video noticeably improves. This also complements the support for 10-bit video captured with AJA’s SDI cards. However, rendering time in 32-bit mode also increases and preview performance is reduced. It’s worth noting, too, that Premiere Pro has offered 32-bit processing for some of its filters since version 2. read more...

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