Sony Vegas Pro 9

DMN by Jeffrey P. Fisher

Sony delivers a robust version 9 of its flagship NLE Sony Vegas with support for 4k video, including Red One, new UI

When a software program matures into its ninth iteration, you expect big things from it. I've been on-board Sony Vegas when it was an audio-only, version one application. It's been really interesting to be a part of the software's growth. As my go-to app for many years, I was excited to give the newest version a test drive. This review looks at Sony Vegas Pro 9.0b 32-bit (VP9), the second (free!) update since its release at NAB earlier this year. You can choose either the native 32-bit or the 64-bit version and run in either Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or Vista (32/64 bits) SP1.

It must be hard for software vendors to prioritize what to include in a new release. From a competitive standpoint, they want to include BIG things that are worth promoting in this industry like a 64-bit version, 4k support, Red One native file support, and other cool features. Meanwhile, the long-time user base sometimes prefers little things that make their life easier such as new transitions and video effects or maybe something so seemingly mundane (but very handy) as having audio edits not quantize to frames.

Well, I'm here to say that this version of Vegas Pro delivers something for just about everybody. Whether you are a broadcast pro, indie filmmaker, event editor, or just a video enthusiast, useful tools abound in this new version. read more...

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