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Sony Vegas Pro Basics EIGHTEEN: The Importance of Markers
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Markers are an important tool in the arsenal of a video editor to mark edit as well as to make notes, pass on notes to other editors and organise your projects. In this tutorial, Andrew Devis will show how to apply, make notes with, navigate and move markers in your projects.

Sony Vegas Pro Basics SEVENTEEN: 4-Point Edits
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In this tutorial, Andrew Devis explains what a 4-point edit is and how simple it is to apply within Sony Vegas Pro through the Trimmer window and the Timeline panel. 4-Point edits are great when you need to speed-up or slow-down a clip to fit in a specific space to match audio or other key timing requirements of your video.

Sony Vegas Pro Basics SIXTEEN: The Trimmer Window
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In this tutorial, Andrew Devis introduces us to the Trimmer window and has a quick look at the preferences to make better use of the Trimmer window. Andrew shows how to very quickly select portions of your media clips to drop on the timeline to create a 'rough cut' ready for fine editing and explains what a 3-point edit is.

Sony Vegas Pro Basics FIFTEEN: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
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If you want to become a fast and efficient editor, you need to learn your keyboard shortcuts and in this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows you where to find your keyboard shortcuts, how to customise them and then introduces us to some helpful/essential shortcuts to get us started.

Sony Vegas Pro Basics FOURTEEN: .veg Project File Options
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In this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to open .veg project files both as timeline events and as complete projects, how to preview multiple takes as a single event in your timeline and how to bring in just the video or audio portion of a clip to your timeline.

Sony Vegas Pro Basics THIRTEEN: Track Headers
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In this tutorial, we start to look at the various options, buttons and sliders in the track headers. While some of these items will require tutorials all of their own this tutorial gives a quick and helpful overview of all that the headers (both video and audio) can do.

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