Sony Vegas Showcase: Max Tobin


Imagination, youthful exuberance, and accessible technology; put them together and you get Max Tobin, the already-prolific (at 14 years old) filmmaker and CEO of Tobin Film Studio. Max and his crew have been producing short-form YouTube videos since 2007 using Vegas Pro. As their chops improved, so have their ambitions; Tobin Film Studios is now releasing their episodic film "Underage Vampire".

We caught up with Max between travels, school, and filmmaking to discuss his passion for producing.

Sony Creative Software: Max, tell us a little about Tobin Film Studios.

Max Tobin: Well, I'm set up as CEO, director, and editor at Tobin Film. Matthew Jones is Executive Producer, Actor, and soundtrack Composer; Rachael Brown also acts as Executive Producer as well as Actor and Writer; and finally, Charlie Bruce is also an Executive Producer, as well as Actor and Writer. That's the core staff, and they deserve a lot of credit for making my films happen.

SCS: You're 14 years old now, and have been making movies for since you were about nine years old. How did you get into filmmaking?

Max Tobin: Funnily enough, what got me into filmmaking was another Sony creation, a camera for my PlayStation Portable. Me and my friends (who are now the executives of Tobin Film Studio) used to go round to each other's houses, make films on the PSP, and then watch them back, time and time again in slow motion and sped up. read more...

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