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DMN By Jeffrey P. Fisher Efficient Editing with Sony Vegas As a teacher, trainer, and consultant I see a lot of people using Sony Vegas and run across a myriad of working styles and approaches. Some people are quite adept at applying the tools while others get mired in old habits – some bad – and are reluctant to try new tactics. Vegas is quite flexible and often has two or three ways to accomplish the same end. However, while there are no wrong ways, there are better, faster, and more efficient methods to perform certain tasks. Read More Using Noise Reduction in Sony Sound Forge The latest release of Sony Sound Forge 9 brings with it the Sony Noise Reduction plug-in. This invaluable tool has been around for a while, but was always a separate purchase. Now if you buy or upgrade to version 9, the plug-in is included free. Read More Fixing Incorrect White Balance using Sony Vegas Sometimes it seems there are no limits to what you can do in post-production. The tools in your typical NLE are amazing. Add in the bevy of third-party plug-ins and, well, let's just say it's a terrific time to be producing video content destined for DVDs, TV, the Web, and more. For this tutorial, I’m using the Five Bikers.avi file that is on the media DVD disc included with the Sony Creative Software training book, Digital Video and Audio Production. For the newbie Vegas user, this resource is invaluable. Read More Hiding Unwanted Elements Using Sony Vegas No matter how diligent you are during production, sometimes a product, face, name, logo, or other unwanted element gets on your recording. And since you need the shot, you are faced with trying to disguise or eliminate it. Adding pixilation or blur to the offending area is the typical approach. Read More Creative Titling Using Bezier Masking in Sony Vegas It’s a no-brainer to place white titles over video in Sony Vegas. Drag the Default text with its transparent alpha channel to the top track and place some video on a track below it. Done. But most of us would rather be a little more creative. Read More

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