Sony's Ci Media Cloud and Atomos Cloud Studio Integration

At NAB 2023, Atomos announced the integration between Sony's Ci Media Cloud and Atomos Cloud Studio. Since then, customers have been able to seamlessly select Sony's Ci Media as their destination within the Atomos Cloud Studio interface.

Atomos Cloud Studio expands its integration capabilities by introducing Sony Ci Media as an alternative destination option to enable collaborative workflows and complementing its existing integration to Adobe Camera to Cloud powered by

Sony Ci Media Cloud provides a powerful platform for organizing, searching, and sharing media files, including videos, images, and audio, with customizable metadata for easy tracking. This integration is not limited to Sony Cameras; it serves as a gateway for ALL cameras, making it an inclusive solution for creators of various backgrounds and equipment preferences.

The combination of Atomos Connect range products and Sony's Ci Media Cloud unlocks a unique and powerful workflow, enabling video professionals to capture high-quality footage, collaborate seamlessly with their teams, and streamline their workflow.

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