Sony's HDV Debut

VideoSystems By Steve Mullen Oct 1, 2004 HDR-FX1It had been a long, quiet summer on the HDV front. Then, a few days before the opening of IBC 2004 in Amsterdam, came Sony's HDV cam-corder announcement. Via the Net we quickly learned Sony's new HDV camcorder looked much like the consumer camcorder pre-announced at Cebit by Sony just prior to NAB 2004. From the press release, we learned a few more facts. The HDR-FX1 would have three 1/3-in. CCDs with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Each CCD would have 1.12 megapixels arranged in a 960×1080 matrix. It would have an MSRP of $3,700 and go on sale within the USA in November. By the time you read this, there no doubt will be extensive marketing materials available on the HDR-FX1, so I'll focus here on seven camcorder topics that have the most relevance for professional shooters. read more...

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