Sorenson Media Squeeze 8.5 Update Review

Creative COW by Jerry Hofmann

Seeing Sorenson Media release an upgrade to their venerable compression software is always a noteworthy event because it improves every time. Each time Sorenson releases a new version, the improvements over the previous version are always significant and this new version has that same M.O. The speed improvements alone make this version worth the price of admission, upgrading or becoming a new satisfied customer of Sorenson Media's vaunted software, this version is exiting and a no brainer purchase.

Quality of image at any given bit rate has historically been the thrust of Sorenson Media's efforts toward product development. It's been the reason I've used Squeeze for the past decade preferring it to using NLE software or other "included" software for this critical function. It just looks better in the end at the same file size has always been my experience using Squeeze. This version is no different.

My last review of Sorenson's software is available here, and if you'd like a closer look at the general interface of Squeeze, this is a good place to start. Sorenson has a wonderful and colorful tour on Sorenson Media's website here: DO click on that link! The web site is wonderful, easy to navigate, and reflects the excellence of the companies products.

Being a .5 release, you'd expect less, but this .5 release has given the Squeeze community something to really shout about. Speed. Yep, we've a faster Squeeze. A lot faster. Yahoo! read more...

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