Sorenson Squeeze 4.8 for Adobe Flash

Studio Monthly by Dylan Wood Squeeze for FlashA One-Step Compression Tool for Near Universal Export Even with all the advances in video compression, the amount of poorly compressed video I see— particularly online— amazes me. Sorenson Media, however, has been combating that for several years with its Squeeze software. To accommodate the release of Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3, which supports H.264 video, Sorenson Media has released Sorenson Squeeze 4.8 for Adobe Flash.Adobe Flash has boasted MPEG-4 support for some time now, but not all MPEG-4 videos are Flash compatible. Sorenson Squeeze 4.8 aims to ensure that all video it compresses will play back properly in Flash. It is important to note that H.264 is the same groundbreaking standard that has been integrated with the Blu-ray Disc and now defunct HD DVD platforms as well. Although H.264 is part of the MPEG-4 standard, lumping it in with MPEG-4 doesn’t do justice to the quality and versatility characterized by this codec. read more...

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