Sorenson Squeeze 5 Tips & Tricks

Using Squeeze 5 to compress multiple files simultaneously
By Dave Armstrong, QA Lead, Sorenson Media Inc.

Squeeze 5 now has the ability to utilize your computers multiple core processing power. You can now simultaneously encode up to 1.5 files on each computers core. To make sure your computer is capable of processing multiple files open up the preferences menu from the Squeeze pull down on the Mac or the Edit pull down on the PC. In the preferences menu select the Behavior tab on the right. Here Squeeze will detect how many computer cores you have available. As a default, Squeeze sets the Maximum Simultaneous Compressions to the Max allowed. For example, if you have a 4-core machine Squeeze will automatically default to 6 simultaneous compressions. However, you now have the ability to manipulate how many files to encode at the same time.

Using the Contrain File Size to your benefit
By Dave Armstrong, QA Lead, Sorenson Media Inc..

Have you ever needed to limit your output file size to a specified amount? Using our Constrain File Size preset option can help. The Constrain File Size option can be found in the upper right hand corner of the compression settings once you have applied a setting to your file. The key to using this feature to the best of its abilities is to just use it as a basic guide. When you type in the File Size limit you need, you will notice that the Audio/Video Data Rates update with it. So check the box for Constrain File Size, type the desired value, and uncheck the Constrain File Size box, you now have a base data rate that should put you close to your mark. This now gives you the added ability to tweak the Data Rates as you desire with the knowledge of what your Overall Data Rate should stay at.

Sorenson Media offers multi-user SKUs and volume licensing.
We realize that there are many video producers out there with needs greater than a single seat of Squeeze. You may be a Universities looking to install Sorenson in full labs, or a production company wanting every editor to have Squeeze. Perhaps you work for a government agency or advertising company that needs Squeeze throughout the organization. You can purchase multiple copies and save!! We understand that in this economy everyone is out there looking to save money right now. One of the best ways to do this is with our multi-user SKUs and volume licensing. If you need 5+ copies can purchase Squeeze multi-user SKU or site licensing at a great discount. Call the Videoguys sales team 800 323-2325 for more info about volume pricing on Sorenson products.

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