Sorenson Squeeze 6 compared to the competition


Squeeze 6 is Sorenson media’s transcoding application. We compared the Squeeze 6 offering to Adobe Media Encoder, Apple Compressor, and Telestream Episode.

You can download the report in PDF format without logging in — this is a free report.

We have also created some screencasts showing you how Squeeze 6 performs compared to these others.

We hope you will enjoy the screencasts, and they will help you selecting the best video transcoding solution.

With well over 100 presets, industry leading and best-in-class codecs and an integrated and included Review and Approval service account that supports collaborative efforts from remote locations, Squeeze 6 is the video transcoding application of choice for video post production in any market.

Squeeze 6 is superior in terms of quality and collaboration functionality up to a point that it justifies the price when compared to the encoding software users get for free included with Adobe Creative Suite and Apple Final Cut Studio.

Squeeze also performs better in both these areas than Telestream’s Episode 5 Pro, despite this application being more expensive.

Not only does Squeeze 6 deliver more presets and more codecs to select from, the
program also streamlines workflows including the ability to directly input video streams
from a connected camcorder. It’s also more user-friendly and better tuned towards
workgroup post-production.

The PDFSqueeze 6 vs. competing products report can be downloaded here. It covers productivity, collaboration features, automation, and codec quality.

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