Sorenson Squeeze 9: A Great Product Just Gets Better (and Easier!)

DMN by David Hague

For as long as I have been shooting and editing video, there has been a version of Sorenson Squeeze available. Quite simply, Squeeze has always been the premiere transcoding utility used by professionals.

It is simple to use, effective, fast and covers almost every known codec and format type available.

Squeeze 9 is the latest version of this venerable product, and while certainly not an inexpensive package, with pricing ranging from USD$799 to an eye watering $1999 for the server version, if you are a professional in the video game, it is an almost indispensable item to have in your toolbox.

Using Squeeze is easy; the source file is imported from a drive, direct from a camera or from a specially set up 'watch folder', and a destination format is selected from a list of options types. These types are categorised under a logical grouping of Broadcast, Devices, Disc, Editing, Misc or Web. Batch processing of multiple files / formats is available. read more...

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