Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4.3 with FREE Training DVD on Sale $399.95

SqueezeSorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4 is the industry-leading video encoding tool, enabling users to efficiently re-purpose video content for web, CD or DVD applications.  · Squeeze Quality Sorenson continues its leadership in video quality giving novices and professionals the features required to "squeeze" quality into every bit. If you want quality, you only need to know one word: Sorenson.  · Productivity and Workflow While keeping life simple for the professional and amateur compressionist, Squeeze also integrates seamlessly with leading video production applications and finished work distribution options. Be it one file or multiple, Squeeze's optimum workflow will minimize the amount of time spent on the compression task.  · User Interface Squeeze's simple to understand layout offers individual customization and shortcut keys where you need them. Squeeze works the way you want it to.  · Input and Publish Sorenson Squeeze is the leader for importing and publishing video to the most popular formats in the video industry. Squeeze can easily import digitized video files, reference movies, or capture from DV cameras. Once inside of Squeeze you can easily publish video into the format of your choice and have it automatically sent to an application, to another location on your network, or uploaded to the web via FTP.  · Cross Platform Squeeze works the same on either Mac or Windows platforms. Learn it once, apply it many times, regardless of your OS preference  · FREE Class on Demand Sorenson Squeeze 4, Ben Waggoner's Complete Compression Learn to compress and deliver high quality QuickTime, MPEG-4, Real Media, Windows Media or Flash files for streaming or progressive download. You'll also learn to create MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files for CD or DVD delivery. Get the hottest tips and tricks for outputting "Squeezed" files for use with servers, authoring programs, audio programs, multimedia presentations and much more!  · Squeeze Power Packs now available Includes Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson Spark Pro, Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro and Sorenson AVC Pro video codecs and supports the On2 VP6 Pro Encoder plug-in to create the best possible quality Flash video. For more information on the Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4.3 and Squeeze Power Pack click here

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