SoulPancake switches to Adobe Premiere Pro for online video production

Adobe on PVC by Kathy Charneco

SoulPancake, a production company founded by Rainn Wilson (of NBC’s “The Office”), is creating extraordinary original online video content for YouTube. With more than 100,000 subscribers and more than three million video views to date, SoulPancake ranks in the top 100 YouTube channels. SoulPancake recently switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and an all Adobe video workflow to produce its daily content, which includes series on topics ranging from art and philosophy to creativity and spirituality. Adobe had the opportunity to talk with the team at SoulPancake—including Rainn Wilson, Bayan Joonam, Shabnam Mogharabi, and Golriz Lucina about the company, inspiration, switch to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Premiere Pro, and plans for the future.

Adobe: Tell us about SoulPancake, how you got started, and who is involved.
Rainn: I wanted to create a place where it would be cool again to tackle life’s big questions. SoulPancake was that place. It’s a space where people can dive into what makes us human. SoulPancake started as a website, and now we have a book, YouTube channel, and production company where we create thought-provoking, positive content and conversation around creativity, spirituality, and philosophy. We have a small core team that runs our operations, and a small staff of creative, thoughtful, hard-working individuals to help us do all of the things we do.

Adobe: What about Adobe appeals to you?
Rainn: Adobe is the ultimate creative company. Adobe tools allow you to create, imagine, and design anything you want. SoulPancake believes that art and creativity have the power to connect and bring people together from all walks of life.

Adobe: What type of content is SoulPancake creating using Adobe tools? read more.

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