Spotlight on Teradek VidiU, NewTek TriCaster Mini and TriCaster Advanced Edition

Live Streaming without a PC

The Teradek VidiU family gives you the freedom to broadcast live high definition video directly to the Web without a PC. Whether you’re streaming out of a video switcher or wirelessly from your camera, VidiU allows you to go live when you want, where you want. Teradek Live:Air AppAll 3 versions of the VidiU can be set-up as a wireless video source with the new Teradek Live:Air video production suite for iOS. With a host of real-time video editing tools and support for all of the popular live streaming services, the Live:Air app helps you share your experiences online with a professional look that will keep viewers locked to their screens. Add style to your online broadcast with Live:Air’s selection of graphics, text overlays, and other visual effects. Mix up your live stream with pre-recorded video clips, or even switch between multiple live video feeds, all with elegant looking transitions.. and more!
VidiU Mini

Teradek VidiU Mini

Live video streaming has never been easier with the ultra portable VidiU Mini. Go live online to any Web destination or turn your HDMI-equipped camera into a wireless video source with the new Live:Air iPad Production Suite.

Teradek VidiU

Teradek VidiU

The Teradek VidiU gives you the freedom to broadcast live high definition video directly to the Web without a PC. Whether you’re streaming out of a video switcher or wirelessly from your camera, VidiU allows you to go live when you want, where you want.

VidiU Pro
Teradek VidiU Pro

VidiU Pro is completely redesigned on the inside, allowing much higher bit rates, stronger WiFi (802.11ac), internal H.264 recording, Zixi compatibility, and ShareLink. ShareLink allows you to combine multiple network connections from any combination of WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular 3G/4G LTE. VidiU Pro was developed to satisfy those users that needed more out of VidiU but didn’t have the budget for a Cube.

Introducing the Revolutionary NewTek TriCaster Mini Turnkey HDMI Production Studio
TriCaster Mini

If you have ever wanted to create and publish video, stream live to the web, or make even the smallest presentation look like a network television-then you are going to love the TriCaster Mini.

Whether you are new to video, adding or expanding media production activities, or searching for a practical way to produce a multi-camera video program, no other solution will get you where you want to be like TriCaster Mini. From the streamlined design to the familiar cable connections, getting your content online and in front of your audience so beautifully has never been faster or easier.

But don’t let the size and simplicity fool you. TriCaster Mini delivers the power, performance and professional-quality results that NewTek is known for and that you won’t get anywhere else.

Nowhere else will you find another solution that includes a complete suite of tools for creativity, control, and content publishing, all in one turnkey package. Just plug in some cameras, a mouse and a keyboard, and you can turn the smallest productions into engaging video content and stream it live in minutes, in the office or on the go.
  • Go-anywhere size & shape
  • Easy A/V connections for simple setup
  • Capture live video
  • Mix different visual sources
  • Overlay graphics, charts, titles, animations
  • Add a presentation
  • Key out solid backgrounds and simulate a set
  • Webcast programs on a live video stream
  • Have guest speakers call in from their webcams
  • Record everything so people can watch it on-demand

Now in Stock! NewTek Tricaster Mini HDMI Live Production Studios

TriCaster Mini HD4 Base
NewTek TriCaster Mini HD4 Base The Most Affordable Turnkey Live Production System!

Just plug-in your HDMI cameras, amouse, keyboard and monitor and you can turn the smallest productions into professionally produced content ready to go live in just minutes!

• Designed for do-it-yourself live video • Hundreds of built-in capabilities for switching, streaming, recording, and publishing • Essential hardware and storage for streamlined workflows

NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i
NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i

• Ideal for creating live and on-demand video • Hundreds of built-in capabilities for switching, streaming, recording, and publishing • Space-saving case display for real-time video monitoring • Full capacity multimedia storage for playback and capture

NewTek TriCaster Mini Bundle
NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i Bundle with Custom Travel case This complete bundle includes TriCaster Mini with integrated display and up to 30 hours of video storage plus the TriCaster Mini Control surface and a custom-designed rugged carrying case. $9.995.00

TriCaster AdvancedIntroducing the NewTek TriCaster Advanced!

Right out of the box, your TriCaster is the most complete multi-camera production system on the planet. And now you can advance it even further.

With no additional hardware needed, power up your productions with TriCaster Advanced Edition software. Unlock your TriCaster’s potential with more than 60 production-enabling capabilities that will push your shows way beyond expectations.* *TriCaster Advanced Edition is compatible with current Pro Line TriCasters and TriCaster Mini.

Drive Graphics with Data

Free your production from the monumental time and effort of manually inputting data for on-screen graphics. Deliver beautiful, template-based graphics with real-time feeds from internal or external sources, and minimize data-entry errors with automated, data-driven graphics.

Smarter Control

Give yourself more time to focus on critical production responsibilities. Allow your TriCaster to automate and control the more straightforward parts of your shows. You’ll benefit from greater command over in-show production with highly customizable programming and triggering for macro controls, self-detecting inputs, auto-correcting color match settings, and intelligent mix/effects settings.

Capture Every Audience

Reach more viewers wherever they consume media, and grow your brand’s reach with the ability to share your content in more places and on the right channels. TriCaster Advanced Edition provides faster setups and higher-performing live streaming to multiple channels at once—and to the namedrop-worthy Microsoft Azure and YouTube Live channels. The new edition includes social sharing on more platforms and in more account combinations than ever possible before.

Expanded IP Workflows

Take advantage of more open production management with new IP workflows. Manage audio devices from anywhere in your facility into TriCaster with input of digital audio over IP from any Dante-enabled system on your network. Maintain control over your live shots with network tally that displays tally information for all connected systems—including 3Play™ and TalkShow™—when their output is supplied to your TriCaster.

Increase Inputs, Virtually

Dramatically increase your TriCaster’s inputs—without the addition of extra hardware—thanks to expanded router support. With TriCaster Advanced Edition, now you can multiply the number of cameras and live video inputs available with upstream router control on every TriCaster Pro Line system—even TriCaster Mini. You never have to limit your camera count again.

Mix Live. Look Like Post.

Put more than just switched cameras into your live show with real-time elements that shrink post-production time and give live viewers a treat. Pre-produced packages, ISO-recorded clips, and active recordings can all be mixed, trimmed, and edited during the program—with new playlist effects and transitions between DDR media to create compelling live mixes, and even in-show replay to recreate memorable moments at any speed.

NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition


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