Spring Specials That Will Help You Get More From Your Productions

On Today's Videoguys Live, Gary presents Videoguys' Spring Specials on some of our favorite products from LiveU, Telestream, and Atomos.

Watch the full video below:

LiveU Solo Spring Special will Help you Stream from Anywhere
Start streaming within seconds: just plug in your camera and go live at the push of a button. No need for a large crew or technical streaming expertise.

Top 5 Reasons to get the LiveU Solo Connect Bundle

  1. ​Includes everything you need to get started​
  2. Deliver rock-solid reliable HD video EVERY TIME​
  3. Stream live from anywhere, anytime, EVERY TIME​
  4. Easily select your online destination​
  5. Bring your bandwidth with you, never get caught without it​

Buy a LiveU Solo HDMI or HDMI/SDI and Receive 2 Modem Kit FREE

Streaming is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose HDMI or SDI​
  2. Choose your modem kit​
  3. Activate Solo Connect services​

Step 1: Choose HDMI or HDMI/SDI

Step 2: Receive the 2 Modem Kit for FREE with purchase of LiveU Solo HDMI or HDMI/SDI. A $450 Value!

Step 3: Activate Your Unlimited Data Plans

  • Once you receive the LiveU Solo with SoloConnect bundle you will register it with LiveU and activate your unlimited data plan directly with them. These plans all include the LRT cloud service.​
  • Activate with unlimited data plan & LRT Cloud server for just $295 per month or $2,950 per year (prepaid).​

Wirecast Gear 3 Spring Special Gives You a Complete Turnkey Production System

Top 5 Reasons to Get Wirecast Gear 3

  1. Fully integrated solution optimized for Wirecast Pro​
  2. Promo pricing makes prices starting at just over $5K and staying under $8K ​
  3. Server quality components - run any other software you like on it​
  4. Discreet Quadro GPU graphics card optimizes GPU acceleration​
  5. Wirecast is available in trial versions and as software only ​

Wirecast Gear 3 23% Off for 2023 Special

What's New in Wirecast Gear 3?
The only fully-integrated 4K60 SDI streaming appliance available under $10,000! A modem, all-in-one, flexible hardware solution for video streaming and production, now with:

  • 4K60 Compatibility​: Gear 3 provides plug-in-and-go streaming for up to five 4K SDI input sources, or four 4K HDMI sources, ready to go out of the box.​
  • GPU Acceleration​: Every Gear 3 comes with an ultra-fast AMD six-core processor and Nvidia Quadro GPU for acceleration and encoding.​
  • Design & Form Factor​: Gear 3 is designed to fit compactly and conveniently into your server rack, with a 2RU form factor and 12” (30 cm) depth.
  • 2RU Windows PC optimized for streaming with Wirecast Pro & Switch pre-installed​
  • Includes up to five HD-SDI or four HDMI inputs, dedicated NVIDIA QUADRO GPU
  • 16 GB system memory, gigabit ethernet, and more

 How Do You Choose the Right Wirecast Gear 3 for you?

  1. Do I Need HDMI or SDI? This will determine which hardware inputs you need on the back of the unit
  2. Do I need HD or 4K? This will determine what resolution you plan to stream/record at
  3. Videoguys Tech Tip! All Wirecast Gear 3 versions support NDI. If you are using NDI, we recommend the 4K version to future proof your workflow

Atomos Spring 2023 Specials will Help you Get More for Your Live Productions

  1. Atomos' most powerful devices for monitoring, recording and now STREAMING​​
  2. Compatible with a wide range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras​
  3. Incredible video quality monitor with HDR, daylight viewable brightness and touchscreen​
  4. Record in a range of professional formats including Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD/HR, or HEVC (H.265)​
  5. Includes full support for Atomos Cloud Studio - RTMP Steaming, Frame.io workflows, REMI and now NDI TX!!

Atomos CONNECT - New Workflows

  • CONNECT family transforms your Cinema, Mirrorless or DSLR Camera into a fully integrated device that supports CLOUD based workflows​
  • ATOMOS CONNECT upgrades your NINJA V or NINJA V+​
  • SHOGUN CONNECT is a fully integrated Monitor, Recorder & Cloud Solution​
  • ZATO CONNECT lets everyone monitor and stream​

Atomos Announces NDI|HX Upgate for Atomos CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT
Those who update their units to the latest firmware can now choose between wireless ​Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet NDI® connectivity, representing a significant leap forward for the industry.​

Why Use NDI|HX2 TX with the Atomos CONNECT Series

  • ​Contribute to NDI® productions with any camera or device that produces a video signal using Atomos Connect NDI®, providing you with a wider range of camera options for your shoots.​
  • Monitor in real-time, you can preview your NDI® stream using the Atomos device monitor.​
  • Record in Apple ProRes or Avid DNx while simultaneously streaming NDI® ​
  • NDI® can be transmitted over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so you can choose the connectivity method that works best for your production needs.​
  • NDI® HX2 transmission is available up to 1080p60 for Shogun CONNECT and Ninja V+ (with Ninja V up to 1080p30) with Atomos Connect, ensuring high-quality video transmission.​
  • Record a backup of the input signal in ProRes or DNx, ensuring that a high-quality backup is always available.​
  • Wireless or wired NDI® connectivity is available for a wide range of cameras and receiving devices, providing you with more options for your productions.​
  • Streamline your workflow with built-in live monitoring and recording, allowing you to focus on your creative visions.​


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