Squeeze 4.1 Compression Suite

DV review by Nate Caplin squeezeSqueeze matures into natural successor to Cleaner, thanks to a revamped interface and support for the widest, up-to-date selection of key digital video formats. Fear not, Cleaner users. Squeeze 4 Compression Suite, a from-the-ground-up redesign of Sorenson's video encoding tool released in late 2004, is fast becoming an attractive alternative for professional compressionists and novices alike, who are justifiably worried about the fate of the venerable compression program from Discreet. With the release of version 4.1 at NAB 2005, Squeeze now produces beautiful H.264 video compatible with QuickTime 7, integrates Flip4Mac (Reviews, May '05 DV) for producing Windows Media on the Mac, and adds some slick automation features. read more...

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