WebVideo Universe By Troy Dreier Squeeze If you’re making video for online use, few tools are as valuable as Sorenson Squeeze. To learn how to get more out of it, we spoke with Grady Player, the Assistant Product Manager for Sorenson Squeeze, and asked him for his best insider tips. FTP ASAP After you’ve converted videos with Sorenson Squeeze, the program can FTP the files for you, saving you a step.
  1. To set up automatic FTPing, first load videos into the content window and add the filter of your choice.
  2. Right-click on the filter name and select Modify Optional Tasks from the resulting pop-up window.
  3. Click the button Copy Output to FTP and fill in your directory and password information.
Pimp Your Player You don’t have to settle for default playback. You can set options in Squeeze to control how your video plays and how the media player looks. read more...

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