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Sorenson Media By Kirk Punches & Eric Quanstrom

Watch this here first — Kirk (Punches) & Eric (Quanstrom’s) first video in a series of Sorenson Media tutorial series — aptly titled “Sorenson Media Series.” Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Presets (but you were afraid to ask … or at least you were afraid to dive deeply into it).

And, here's the transcript for this first in the Series -- enjoy -- and, KEEP SQUEEZING!

Eric: Hi, this is Kirk & Eric with the Sorenson Media Series – pushing you further down the path to video encoding bliss.

Today, we’ll be focusing on Presets. Kirk, what are Presets?

Kirk: Presets are encoding recipes that contain all the information Squeeze software products need to encode media. Typically, this would be things like video and audio codec settings – lots of options here – as well as filters to apply, container format, publishing destination, and review and approval or notification settings.

Eric: Squeeze includes a fairly large amount of Presets… Why?

Kirk: The goal is playback on a target screen, device or Format with optimal quality. So, for instance, you’ll see the Tab structure of Squeeze oriented to Favorites, Formats and Workflow. You can see the graphical notations of Formats on the left hand side of each Preset – a handy way to orient you when choosing between similar formats. watch the video and read more...

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