Stability For Your Action: The Steadicam Curve For GoPro Cameras

crewscontrol by Brad Spinsby

Let’s face it, there are times when your ENG Camera, and the beautiful images it creates, is too bulky for the job and a GoPro camera is a better solution. GoPros are designed to work with camera mounts and there are times you want a stable handheld shot with the GoPro. Luckily, the leader in camera stabilization, Steadicam, has addressed this need with their new camera stabilization rig for the GoPro series of cameras, the Steadicam Curve. The Steadicam Curve is a small stabilization rig that features a hand grip and stabilization arm for your GoPro. The Curve allows you to adjust the head back and forth and has an adjustable weight at the bottom.

The Steadicam Curve was designed with the action shooter in mind and its features reflect this market. First, the head features a quick-release so that it can be mounted and taken off with ease. The counterweight at the bottom of the rig and the forward and back adjustability of the head balance every tricked out GoPro. Steadicam has also designed the Curve to maximize a video selfie. You can hold the rig by the stabilization arm instead of the hand grip and it maintains its stability. The Curve is also priced under $100 following GoPro’s inexpensive pricing. For those looking for action shooting with more stable, the Steadicam Curve offers GoPro shooters this possibility. read more...

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