Start Your Streaming and Recording Engine with the Matrox Monarch HD!

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Racing fans can’t get enough of theirsport, and is happy to give them the action they crave in live webcasts and ondemand viewing.

High-quality HD production at minimal cost is the responsibility of President of Operations Sam Provencher. Challenges abound.Streaming from a different location each weekend means that equipment has to be entirely mobile. Internet connectivity in the rural areas where most racetracks are located can be problematic. Quick, easy setup is a necessity. And reliability is paramount.

After extensive research into online video delivery platforms and H.264 encoders, Provencher settled on StreamVu as his service provider and the Matrox Monarch HD streaming and recording appliance they recommended.

StreamVu is an online video delivery platform specializing in live and on-demand content. Featuring an easy-to-use interface with added broadcast tools, StreamVu helps content creators affordably reach as many viewers as they want. read more...

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Matrox Monarch HD Live Streaming Appliance $995.00 Matrox Monarch HD and MC-100 bundle for professional Streaming and Recording from SDI Cameras $1,295.00 StreamVu Flat Rate Bronze Plan $100.00

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