Steaming Media Reviews Matrox Monarch LCS

Jan Ozer expertly leads you through the hardware and software of lecture capture appliance, Matrox Monarch LCS. If you are looking for ways to stream classes, presentations or any kind of learning management program, don't miss this! Get the Matrox Monarch LCS here.
From Streaming Media by Jan Ozer At $2,495, the Matrox Monarch LCS is an inexpensive dual-input lecture capture solution with two output channels that can be independently set for recording and/or streaming. You control the unit via a standard browser, and you can connect a monitor for setup or monitoring. There’s an application programming interface (API) for integration with learning management and similar programs. The unit is based upon the proven Monarch hardware and software, and it performed well in our tests, though rough edges in the software remain from previous reviews. Hardware I/O Physically, the unit is about 6" front to back, 8.5" wide, and 2 inches high, about the size of a 300-page hardback novel (Figure 1, below). As you can see in Figure 1, the unit has two HDMI inputs, one for a camera and the other for computer input. If you’re working with an older computer that doesn’t have HDMI output, you can buy a VGA- or DVI-to-HDMI adapter for under $10. There’s also a single SDI input for video, and HDMI/SDI outputs to a preview monitor, which isn’t essential but I found very useful. The unit accepts up to 1080p output in either NTSC or PAL rates, but goes no higher, so if you’re looking for a 4K solution, this isn’t it...[continue reading]

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