Stock20 Library Collection 001 Music Library

Videomaker by Brent Holland

Stock 20Getting in Tunes

For a long time, music has been the only media resource that has either been too expensive to acquire or too poor in quality to consider. It used to be that you would have to spend thousands of dollars per year only to lease a music library that was of real substance, or spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a music library touting 5,000 songs only to find that just a handful were even useful.In recent years, royalty free music companies have become more present and are offering a competitive, high quality selection at an affordable price. One such company is Stock20. Founded just a year ago in December 2005, Stock20 offers both a complete library, as well as individual tracks that can be purchased a la carte at only $7 each. It sounds like it may be too good to be true: $7 for a completely royalty free song? The quality must not be that great, right? Surprisingly enough, it is. Let's take a look. read more...
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