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Postindustry By Oliver Peters storagePost Pros Consider Their Options Most people take storage for granted. Disk drives aren't nearly as sexy as the newest NLE feature, but storage capacity and throughput are the lifeblood of any modern post facility that relies on computer workstations to service its clients. If your drives are full or fail, you are out of the editing business until the issue is resolved. The evolution of drive technology has largely involved changes in interface technology rather than an update of the mechanics of the hard drive itself. Over the years, we have accumulated SCSI, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SATA, FireWire and more, and each of these technologies comes in various configurations of speed and data throughput. Some, like SCSI, are still with us even as we eye the newest SATA arrays. Customers benefit from these advances with faster, cheaper and more flexible data storage. read more...

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