StoryBoard Artist 4

Digit by Michael Burns StoryBoard Artist 4 PowerProduction Software’s StoryBoard tool comes in three versions – Quick, Artist, and Artist Studio. The high-end Studio version is designed for top-end filmmakers, while the Quick version provides simple tools for knocking together basic previz. We reviewed StoryBoard Artist, which is aimed at multi-disciplined creatives working in film, TV, advertising, and interactive media. The software allows you to previsualize a variety of storyboard types. You set the aspect ratio required for the board in the initial projects box – choose from a wide variety of formats including US or Euro feature film, SD, HDTV, and CinemaScope – then build the shots up using built-in pre-drawn Library elements. These are dragged from Library Palettes, imported image files (PSD layers and alpha channels are now supported), or you can draw in the Frame Window using the Draw Pen, Draw tools, and Colour Palette. read more...

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