Strategic Portable Gear Choices for a Minimalist Shoot

Backup strategies are tricky when you are on the go or traveling. Luckily, technology keeps leaning toward more compact and lightweight design. G-Tech's G-DRIVE ev ATC series are rugged, fast, and lightweight - an excellent portable gear choice. Hear it from G-Team photographer, Lindsay Adler from her recent wild travels.

The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations

by Lindsay Adler, for G-Technology blog Lindsay Adler Photographer using g-drive ev atc...this trip was filled with constant excitement. All the while we traveled, I was photographing and recording our adventures, and I wanted to ensure I could preserve these memories forever, and then share them with friends and family. Because of the schedule and length of my trip, I was only able to carry a single large backpack for the entire journey. All of my clothes, all of my camera gear, everything I needed had to fit into one large bag for trekking. For this reason, I made very strategic gear choices. I wanted to be able to edit, share and backup my photographs along the way. For this type of journey, my backpack and usual laptop weren't a solution. I needed something more compact and durable. For this reason, I used a Surface Pro 3 and a G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC with the included All-Terrain Case. Together I could have light-weight and compact solutions that allowed me all of the power of a laptop and security of backing up my files....[continue reading]
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