Strategic Video Solutions With Epiphan Pearl Family of Streaming and Encoding Devices

Tim Albright from AVNation recently sat down with Nic Milani, Epiphan Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, to talk about the Epiphan Pearl Family as video solutions. They discuss how the Epiphan Pearl family can be used in various settings such as corporate spaces, higher education, local government institutions, and more.

Epiphan Systems Inc. builds some of the world’s most reliable audio visual communication solutions for education, healthcare, live event production, manufacturing, security and transportation. Empower your success with award-winning Epiphan Pearl video production systems.

Epiphan Pearl Nano - Ideal for small-scale live events, SRT contributions, and as a dedicated streamer and recorder add-on.

Epiphan Pearl Mini - Packs streaming, recording, and switching functions into a portable chassis with a giant touch screen for maximum ease of use.

Epiphan Pearl-2 - Brings the pro features and processing horsepower required for the most demanding live events and recording sessions.

Watch the full video from AVNation below:

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