StreamGeeks Shares Live Video Success Formula

Our friends at StreamGeeks have put together a fantastic guide on how to engage your audience with live video. Packed with facts, tips and best practices, this guide will help you get started with live streaming or help you boost the reach you have if you are already making live videos. Get facts about live video, implementing live video, marketing and promotional strategies, and more. Give us a call at Videoguys if you are ready to invest in live video gear. We can help you zero in on what you need! From

live video audience engagementAt StreamGeeks, our mission is to help businesses discover the power of live streaming. We see live streaming as the bridge between internal teams and external communities on social media....

Why Live Video is Beneficial to You

One of the wonderful benefits of live streaming is the organic reach and long term video ranking capabilities. When a normal video is uploaded to YouTube it has to accumulate views and watch time starting at zero. Watch time is one of the most important factors that YouTube uses to rank videos.

Once you have an audience willing to tune in to your broadcasts, you will be accumulating views and watch time during your live stream. As soon as your video is available on-demand on either YouTube or Facebook it will have a huge boost over regular uploaded content. All the watch time you have accumulated during the live broadcast will automatically be attributed to your the full article here

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