StreamGeeks Take a Deep Dive into NDI 5 and Zoom Rooms Integration

StreamGeeks recently did a deep dive into the new NDI for Zoom Rooms integration! When the news first came out that NDI would be supported by Zoom Rooms, StreamGeeks covered the news. You can check out that video here! Now they are back to take a closer look into the exciting new features NDI will bring to Zoom Rooms. 

 Check out their deep dive video here!


"If you have not already, you should enable NDI. This can be done in the Zoom management area by an admin. Users on the client end should also update their meeting client on their computers to receive the new NDI consent screen.
Once enabled, you will get 3 NDI video outputs. These video outputs can be used to pin any of your participants using any of the Zoom clients (PC, Mac, iOS, Android ect). You can also choose Active Speaker for one of these outputs. If you choose “Active Speaker”, this NDI output will always show the speaker in the meeting who is currently speaking.

You can also get a specific NDI audio output from the entire system. In a future video, the StreamGeeks plan to show the NDI audio output being using for podcasting with Zoom. Using the latest NDI Audio Direct tool you can then take the audio from Zoom directly into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. This is an ideal way to increase the quality of your Zoom audio quality."

Check out the full article here!

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