Streaming Congregations Amidst Covid-19

Houses of worship and Congregation leaders have been making the most of a bad situation during the current Covid-19 outbreak. Many services have been taking place completely via streaming.

Everything that took place formerly inside the house of worship, can now be achieved remotely, expanding the reach of the service- even in this time of social distancing.

While family members normally gather once a week to attend service, this behavior is now a potential Corona Virus Transmitter. However, accessing your service via streaming from home is a great alternative- and keeps everybody safe.

This is where systems like the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI come in. Easy to use production systems are more available now than ever before. A high quality broadcast is possible, even at the last minute.

Check out this article from NewTek to learn more, HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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