Streaming Fencing with Matrox VS4 and Telestream Wirecast

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How KABCOM captured and streamed the entire 2013 competitive fencing season--including the International Challenge in Paris and the world championshops in Budapest--leveraging the Matrox VS4 quad capture and ISO recording card and Telestream Wirecast streaming software.

KABCOM is a leading organizer of competitive fencing events worldwide. Since 1992 they have organized several Olympic Games, many regional competitions such as the Asian, African, and Pan-American Games, and a number of World Championships. In addition, they arrange the Fencing Grand Prix and World Cups annually.

Depending on the scope of the event, the company offers customers a variety of services including everything from scoreboards to fencing tracks and signaling, software for data processing, TV graphics, and video arbitrage systems that let referees watch replays and make decisions based on the video recordings. Lately, live production video streaming has become an important part of their offering, allowing fans everywhere to see the action.

Enter VS4/Wirecast

“At KABCOM we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions using the latest technology and as some of our technicians are themselves former fencers, they play a key role in identifying the needs upon which we base new ideas,” explains Noureddine Kaabi, director of the sports department at KABCOM. “Unlike in other sports, fencing takes place on four tracks simultaneously, so there are four matches going on at the same time. We needed a streaming solution that would allow us to capture all four videos and stream them using a single unit. We realized that Matrox was developing the VS4 and knew it was exactly the hardware required.” read more...

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