Streaming just got easier with Epiphan 4K

Here are more reasons to like Epiphan's new 4K video capture device. You'll also want to check out our article on multi-camera streaming bundles under $1000. Read it here.

An easier way to stream 4K - USB!

From epiphan-4kEpiphan Video aims to democratize 4K streaming and capture to your computer with its award-winning 4K-to USB 3.0b adaptor. When it comes to the next hot film tech item, I/O devices often get a short drift, at least as compared to whichever latest and greatest camera to hit the market. But, I think any experienced film professional should be able to appreciate the importance of such products, even if that appreciation was hard earned in the field, when the wrong device was in the kit (or when the right device fails). In that vein, we're sharing word of just such a product that's recently crossed our desks. The 4K, by Epiphan Video, is an external capture card that took home some hardware of its own at InfoComm 2016 this past June, winning the 'Best New A/V Accessory' award. As we relay some of the 4K's features, it's readily apparent why the product earned such praise...[continue reading]

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